Often the most feared of treatments, and the reason for existing dental phobias, extractions do not need to be traumatic. Fears are often created by dentists not taking enough time over numbing the area, and the actual removal of the tooth – leading to pain or fractures which can further prolong the bad experience. At Holly Dental Practice, extractions are usually a last resort and reserved for those teeth that truly cannot be saved or maintained any longer, and every effort is made to ensure the patient feels as comfortable as they would during any other procedure.

How is it done?

All teeth due for extraction are thoroughly numbed prior to any removal. The anaesthetics used at Holly Dental Practice are the strongest and most effective available for such treatments. The tooth is then gently loosened for a few minutes using a specialised instrument known as a luxator, so that the tooth is mobilised before attempting removal. The tooth is then removed carefully with a little pressure.

This method of extraction may take a little longer but it is more comfortable for the patient, both during and after the procedure.

In the circumstance where a tooth is lost, all possible replacement options are available at the practice and can be discussed in due course.