When missing teeth leave a gap in your smile or bite, a bridge can be used to replace the teeth. At Holly Dental Practice we use the finest and strongest materials to create you a custom-made, real-looking replacement that is permanently cemented in position.

A bridge essentially has two components, pontics and abutments. A pontic (false tooth or teeth) sits on the healed gum taking the place of the missing tooth and can be made from gold alloys, porcelain or more recently zirconia (white metal). Abutments are effectively crowns covering the teeth either side of the missing tooth, which serve to anchor the pontic in place. These are made from the same material as the pontic and are linked together as a strong unit.

Bridges are recommended when there are one or more teeth missing, but there must be a strong enough tooth either side of the space to act as an anchor point.

Bridges are prepared for and made over two appointments.

How is it done?

The teeth on either side of the gap are prepared under local anaesthetic. A small piece of specialised string, known as retraction cord, is then gently seated between both of the teeth and the gum for a few minutes prior to taking an impression. This process creates a small temporary space around the tooth, meaning that when the impression is eventually taken, the margins around the tooth are picked up extremely accurately and the resulting bridge will fit perfectly.

Once the impression has been taken, this is then sent along with a shade to our specialist laboratory via a designated collection service so that your bridge can be made. This may take up to two weeks. In the meantime at Holly Dental Practice a temporary bridge can be fitted to protect the prepared teeth.

At the second appointment the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is tried in, checked for its fit and bite, and adjusted if necessary. It is then cemented into place.

Bridgework examples from our Preston surgery


This new patient to us hated her teeth – She had uneven teeth and failing crowns in her upper arch and a very poor fitting denture in her lower arch. She wanted a new smile in time for her son’s wedding day.

One of her upper central teeth was un-saveable; this missing tooth was replaced with a fixed bridge. Can you guess which tooth is missing? Crowns were placed on the remaining anterior/premolar teeth to achieve an even, natural result.

Her lower partial acrylic denture was then replaced with better fitting – and looking - chrome denture. What a difference!

New patient

"I was recommended Holly Dental by a friend of mine and after my first consultation knew that this was right for not just myself but my wife and two children and we are all now signed up.

The work done was of a standard far above what any standard NHS dentist has ever done and the results are remarkable. The service, treatment and practice facilities are top drawer and the attention to detail is exemplary."

Other bridges examples


Another successful bridge treatment by Andy Holly.


Another successful bridge treatment by Andy Holly.


Another successful bridge treatment by Andy Holly.