Overcoming Patient’s Fears

As someone who used to read through the posts on dental fear forums because I was scared to go to the dentist, I can now say hands down Andy and his team are the best. I was an NHS patient for many years but decided to bite the bullet and go private after a particularly negative experience and I'm glad I did. Not only do the team make you feel welcome, but Andy is very approachable, always encourages questions and explains things in a simple way. One thing that I really like is that in other dentists I have visited the dentist and the nurse would always speak in "dentist code" whereas Andy and his team avoid this so you know exactly what is happening and WHY. Also the price for the treatment is VERY affordable - and I'm a full-time student! If you are scared, nervous, haven't been to the dentist in years, don't worry because you won't be made to feel small. 🙂

We are so happy when we can help overcome a patient's fear of the dentist. It really does makes our day reading your lovely reviews. Thank you Francesca!


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